About us

Having grown up in a family that loves to travel, I’ve been blessed to experience the world from an early age. I’ve enjoyed many interesting tours over the years and also have regretted taking some tours as well. There have been times where I have been herded like cattle into un-air-conditioned buses, after already having waited several hours for them to repair a steaming radiator. I have sat on many sticky seats and have ravished tiny little morsels of food (known as snacks) like some barbarian. There’s nothing like waiting for a tow truck in 110 degrees, or hearing something go “cling-ity-chang” while riding in a helicopter.

So I help started Paradise Found Tours with one thing in mind. I wanted to offer breathtaking tours that are selected for spectacular scenery, adventure, comfort, safety, and personal attention. I offer you a unique selection of Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Las Vegas tours that are personally selected by me. I am not offering you any tours that I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting my own Mother on.

I understand that families work hard at saving for their family vacations. A good vacation brings the family together and yields memories to last a lifetime. I am keenly aware of the fact that all travelers who book tours with my company deserve the very best vacation with their family and friends. Whether you are celebrating an important milestone or just having fun with friends, I will make sure your tour is everything you hoped it would be.

Happy Adventures!

Ted Landish – Founder