Visitors will never run out of things to do at the Grand Canyon South Rim. Adventurers can lace up their hiking boots and tackle the many available trails. Families can ooh and aah over the scenic route when they take the heritage train ride. Or, visitors could take the Desert View Drive for an unforgettable journey. Grand Canyon things to do become almost limitless when you consider the South Rim route. The most accessible part of the Grand Canyon? Check. Has some good tourist attractions and amenities? Check. And of course, how about the view? You’ve come to the right place.

Grand Canyon Activities and Attractions

Train Ride

Want to experience how the past visitors felt when they took to the Grand Canyon? Try out the Grand Canyon Railway. It’s a classic taste of the Grand Canyon in its early glory days! Taking the Railway service teleports you back in time. It lets you see the Grand Canyon about a decade ago when it was opened to the public.

Train tourists can opt for a variety of attractions. There’s the round trip with accommodation or the ticket-only trip. You can create your own adventure. Classic transportation may be making a comeback with coaches this year. You may even get to peek at the original 1900s steam train, perfectly preserved for public visitations.

Road Adventure

America has become almost synonymous with automobiles. It’s the kind of freedom that allows people to go anywhere and see everything! It’s no surprise then, that the Grand Canyon has something for the diehard joyrider. The Desert View Drive is open and the trail winds along the edge of the canyon’s length. The road goes on and on for more than 25 miles. There’s an abundance of panoramic views to stop for. Put on the brakes and climb out to enjoy the magnificent view.

Hiking is one of the many desirable things to do at the Grand Canyon South Rim

If hiking is your thing, there’s no better place to do it than in the Grand Canyon National Park. Around the South Rim, there are plenty of well-established trails that will provide for the hike of a lifetime. All the views you’d expect from this magnificent landscape are waiting for you. You could take the Rim Trail, which takes you from Pipe Creek Vista to Hermits rest, and it’s perfect for children and seniors too, since the pathway is paved.


There are some routes along the Grand Canyon that are too narrow for vehicles. Visitors can take a bike to get to the unspoiled areas for a unique, unsullied view of the canyon. A bike ride is perfect for exploring every inch of the Grand Canyon. You can discover exclusive outlooks and hidden paths along the way.

Horseback Riding

You can’t go riding into the sunset anymore. But there’s always the next best thing- horseback at the Grand Canyon! Travel with a sturdy horse and a guide through the trails. Complete the authentic Western experience with a campfire meal by the blazing hearth.

Yavapai Geology Museum

The Yavapai Geology Museum is open for visitors who want to know more about the Grand Canyon’s rock formation. You can peruse the detailed topographic relief model or attend a Park Ranger lecture. Discover how the Grand Canyon evolved to the way it is now.

National Geographic Grand Canyon Visitor Center and Grand Canyon IMAX Theatre

The massive information center and IMAX Theatre can be found just outside the Grand Canyon National Park. There’s a wealth of information to be found here. You can also get a park pass here. The IMAX Theatre movie “Grand Canyon: Hidden Secrets” is an eye-opening film. You’ll learn about the human history and how the natural landscape changed as you watch the film.

Canyon View Information Center

There’s one more information center located within Mather’s Point. The National Park Visitor Center by itself has a lot of tourist attractions. You can view the exhibits, watch informative films or visit the bookstore. The Canyon View Information Center is also home to the Ranger program. You can do casual sightseeing or lace up for some serious hiking.

Grand Canyon Viewpoints

The fantastic views are the Grand Canyon’s definitive highlight. Drive, fly, walk or ride a bike to any of these locations:

Lookout Studio – You can get to the Lookout Studio by way of Bright Angel Lodge. The historic site is housed right by the Canyon’s edge. You can get some of the most spectacular Grand Canyon photos here.

Yavapai Point – One of the best vantage points in the Grand Canyon. Here, you can peer in the great canyon depths and see both Bright Angel Canyon and the Colorado River.

Mather Point – Get to see more than half of the Grand Canyon National Park at Mather Point. Moreover, you get treated to unforgettable views of the Temple of Zoroaster and the Vishnu Temple. Mather Point is especially amazing when the sun starts to set over the horizon.

Moran Point – See the foams of water rushing through the Red Canyon and the Hakatai Rapids at Moran Point. Most people come here for the sunset. The “sinking ship” illusion is perfectly created when the sun sinks over the horizon. The backdrop of light amidst the rock formation resembling a ship is a sight you won’t forget.

Desert View and Watchtower – This vantage point allows for a full 360 degree view of the whole Grand Canyon. Climb the 85 steps of the Watchtower for a breathtaking spectacle!

Lipan Point – Come to Lipan Point to see the “Supergroup” of sedimentary rocks forming one side of the Grand Canyon. You can also come here to see an unobstructed view of the Grand Canyon’s inner gorge.

Grand Canyon Historic Village Sites

This historic village has survived and thrived since the 1800s. Here are its must-visits:

Hermit’s Rest. Built in 1914 by renowned architect Mary Jane Coulter. It was created to intentionally look like a miner’s cabin, hence the title. You can see the sprawling front porch and the massive fireplace as soon as you step inside. Browse inside for souvenirs or enjoy hot chocolate while browsing for gift items at the shop. The place is only accessible by Park Shuttle, so make sure to park your private vehicle at a nearby place.

El Tovar. The beautiful and stately El Tovar hotel was built in 1905. Since then, it has accommodated renowned individuals such as Paul McCartney, Bill Clinton, Albert Einstein and Theodore Roosevelt. Here, you can shop, stay at the lounge, eat at a fine dining restaurant or stay the night.

Bright Angel Lodge. Another special site designed by renowned architect Mary Jane Coulter. The Bright Angel Lodge is registered as a National Historic Landmark, built in 1935 as the more cost-effective alternative to El Tovar. You’ll see two rustic cabins, the Red Horse and Bucky O’Neill cabin amidst a smattering of fine restaurants.

Kolb Studio. Emery and Ellsworth Kolb were two pioneers in the Grand Canyon photography. The Kolb Studio stood on the edge of the South Rim. Now, it has an auditorium, a bookstore and interesting art exhibits on display.

Hopi House. The Hopi House resembled the adobe pueblo living similar to that of the Hopi Indians. It started out as a gift shop in 1905. Architect Mary Coulter’s vision was the striking design of the Native American motif. The shop now sells authentic Native American crafts.

The Grand Canyon is the destination of a lifetime

There’s still more to do around the Canyon than what we can mention here, and if you’re visiting the South Rim, you’ll be able to take in many of the sights on any of Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas that Paradise Found Tours offers. The South Rim is perfect for families, with plenty of accommodation nearby,. There’s even an IMAX cinema and shopping malls to visit after a day of exploring.

Most of all, the Grand Canyon is the destination of a lifetime, and the South Rim is the perfect place to take in the awe of this epic natural wonder.

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