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Grand Canyon West Rim Airplane Tour

The view of the Colorado River is spectacular from above

The view of the Colorado River is spectacular from above

Our best-selling West Rim airplane tour is ideal for Las Vegas visitors looking to sample the best the Grand Canyon has to offer in the fastest way possible.

This flight leaves from Boulder City airport and cruises over Lake Mead, a sparkling blue oasis situated amid dormant volcanoes and the arid Mojave Desert. Then it’s onward to Hoover Dam, a masterpiece of American engineering.

It’s at this point that you get a true sense of the Colorado River, one of the West’s major waterways (it flows 1,200 miles from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado down to Mexico!). And don’t worry about the details – your pilot will announce such sights.

Next you’ll be over the Grand Canyon. This is signified when you cross majestic Grand Cliffs Wash, the narrowest region of the National Park. The setting gets incredibly dramatic as you fly over flat plateaus, the gorge (up to 1 mile deep!) and the River.

The flight back to Vegas starts once you see the Grand Canyon Skywalk, the glass bridge that’s been visited by millions of visitors from around the world; if you’ve booked the last flight of the day, you are in great position to see a stunning sunset.

Tour details:

Our Grand Canyon West Rim Airplane Tour Includes:


Hotel Pickup: Our West Rim Air trip includes free pick up and return at your Las Vegas hotel. No pick-ups are available in the Summerlin area.
Tour Length: Total tour time is approximately 3 hours from hotel to hotel.

*Our service providers reserve the right to substitute air craft based on operational needs (i.e. off-season, maintenance etc.) Tour itinerary, tour components and prices are subject to change at any time without notice for reasons that may include weather conditions, FAA restrictions, and/or any other unforeseen occurrences.

This flight sells outs. Avoid last-minute bookings. Reserve at least 2-3 weeks ahead of time.

Children 2 years of age and under are free but must fly on the lap of their parent or guardian and use proper safety restraints. If you’re child is older than 2 than s/he must purchase a regular-fare seat.

No meals are included.

Photography is permitted from inside the aircraft but only upon pilot approval. Photos during flight are for non-commercial use only. If you are looking for commercial use, we recommend that book a charter flight.

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