Grand Canyon Tour Bus Fleet Explored


Paradise Found Tours offers the best all day bus tours from Vegas, to the Canyon, and back again. Those who are visiting Vegas from out of town, and even international visitors who don’t know the area enough to take a rental car would be smart to choose a Grand Canyon Bus Tour from Las Vegas. For anyone looking to experience the Grand Canyon, or Hoover Dam in a unique and stress-free way, a bus tour is one of the best ways to do it.

Paradise Found tours uses modern buses that are equipped with video monitoring systems for documentaries and visitor information guides, as well as having modern comforts like an on board restroom, climate controlled air conditioning, plenty of leg room with reclining seats, and adjustable arm rests. Visitors will always travel in luxury on the way to one of the most breath talking sights that the south west has to offer.

Paradise Found Tours recently had the pleasure of visiting with travel writer and Grand Canyon enthusiast Mike Ryan. The ever inquisitive Mike Ryan always makes sure that customers are getting quality for their money. Mike loves to travel and he wants to make sure he gets a lot of bang for his buck. We invited Mike to meet up with Karen from our fleet operations department, who knows these buses inside and out. With Paradise Found Tours, you will always get superb quality at an amazing price. Enjoy the video!

Hi there. Mike Ryan here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Today we are exploring one of the buses in the fleet that Paradise Found Tours uses for their Grand Canyon tours. This is one of the buses that will take you to the West Rim and also to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. To help me explore it, I have Karen here from fleet operations.

Mike: Hello

Karen: Hi

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Mike: Karen, this is a nice bus! Anybody who buys a tour with Paradise Found Tours is going to travel in style, comfort and luxury on this bus, right?

Karen: That is most definitely correct. This is an H Series bus by Prevost. It is one of the most luxurious buses out there. You know, I would equate it to a Mercedes or a Cadillac.

Mike: Ok, can you show me around a little bit? What do we have here for the amenities?

Karen: Sure! Well, as I said, this is a 45 foot coach. We have plush seating, we have seat belts, headrests, and footrests.

Mike: Does everybody have seat belts on the bus?

Karen: Yes they do. That is a new safety feature that the D.O.T (Department of Transportation) is requiring within the next two years. So, we thought we would just get ahead of the game and do that. We also have the overhead lights and adjustable air conditioning for people.

Mike: Just like on an airplane.

Karen: Just like on an airplane, exactly! We have the overhead compartments again, like an airplane. People can put all their backpacks, anything that they may have, gift items. They can put everything up there so they may have a little bit more room. And, again we have the DVD players. We show movies…

Mike: DVD’s!

Karen: Yes, they are really really nice. There’s one maybe every 6 or 7 seats.

Mike: Where does the sound come out for these?

Karen: The sound comes out actually through this speaker. (Locates speaker above seat)

Mike: Ok.

Karen: Yes, and so every seat has that speaker. We also have a restroom in the back. It is really quite sleek and modern. It is like an airline restroom, if you will. And it is very compact…

Mike: I see fans! (Looking into restroom)

Karen: We have fans, lighting et cetera. I think it is very nice for a coach. It’s a little roomier than most of the other coaches that have always had that corner design.

Mike: This is really nice! I’m surprised you don’t have blue velvet carpet in there as well!

Karen: (Laughs) Me too! So, we also have plug-ins on each seat so people can plug in their chargers, recharge their cell phones, their IPads or whatever. We have the netting in the back (of the seat) for your magazines, books, you know, your personal items. We have cup holders. So, everything is modern and up to date.

Mike: Looks great! Adjustable headrests, visors for the windows.

Karen: Yes, and the visors actually adjust to two levels. You pull the visor down and it adjusts to here and to the bottom.(Demonstrates)

Mike: Fantastic!

Karen: And it’s very nice. Especially, you know, we get alot of desert sun here, so it’s very nice in the afternoon.

Mike: I get alot of questions regarding wheelchairs and where they can put their wheelchairs.

Karen: If they have a portable wheelchair they (the wheelchair) can go underneath as long as the person is mobile. They (the wheelchair) will go underneath the storage compartment. Then the driver would access that for them, you know, at each stop. For anyone who has a wheelchair and is wheelchair bound. We either have to contract out a bus or one of the other two buses that we have coming aboard, probably in April or May (2013) will have the wheelchair access. What they do is on the Prevost, just for you to know, the Prevost company is the only coach company that puts their wheelchair access in the middle of the coach. The reason being, it’s more for a safety factor. If people are evacuating the coach, these people are not left behind in the rear. So, they are able to move them right out and off the coach.

Mike: These impressive buses are also great for those who want to spend an overnight at the Grand Canyon South Rim. There is plenty of room to store your luggage safely below the bus in the cargo bay.

Karen: So, as you can see the bays here are very large. As I stated before, there is about 500 square feet of storage capability.

Mike: Wow!

Karen: And they are very easy access for the drivers.

Mike: After seeing the huge cargo bays, it’s comforting to know that anyone who is traveling with luggage will be assured that their belongings are safe and secured. I sat down again with Karen to find out what other steps are being taken in the name of safety.

Karen: One of my favorite features, we have always expressed safety on all of our tours. And the reason why we chose these coaches is because of the safety. They are safety compliant as far as the seat belts they offer. They also have a stability system that if for any reason there is a control factor on the bus in that you are “yawing” perhaps, as they say, or going back and forth. The coach automatically stabilizes itself so that there is no pitching on the bus. We also have a feature on the cruise control so that if for any reason somebody cuts in front of you it will automatically adjust the speed. So that is another safety factor we have that we are not going to be rear ending if somebody cuts in front of us. It automatically slows the bus down. Another feature we have too on the Prevost is in the back of the engine it’s a safety feature for fire. So, everything is self contained and the driver is notified immediately for any overheating, any fires, or anything so that he has time to evacuate his bus. It is more than enough time to do that. We just find that these are the Cadillac of coaches. We have simulated wood floors. We have the plush seating. All the seats recline. We have footrests. We have magazine holders, cup holders. We have electrical dispensers (outlets) in here that you can charge your IPad, IPods et cetera. We also have a safety hatch in the back and also the pop out windows in case of an emergency. It’s a really nice coach. We want people to have a great experience. That is our mission in life! People are on vacation and we want them to have a great time!

Mike: Value, comfort, luxury at an affordable price! Get it while you can! Paradise Found Tours!

All Grand Canyon tours are hosted by a professional driver who will share interesting information throughout the journey about both the canyon and the places that are on the way. Why not reserve your tour today!

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