Our Grand Canyon West Rim Guide below will get prepare you for all the exciting things coming your way at the West Rim. The Grand Canyon West Rim can evoke so many different feelings for different people. One can’t get enough of the beauty of the majestic Grand Canyon. Once you see the ridges up high, you’ll want to naturally see the bottom as well. For this, the Grand Canyon West Rim is the best choice.

As time is of the essence, and for those who want to soak in the natural beauty of the canyon without the crowds, the West Rim is the way to go. This path is best for travelers who are looking for a more natural experience and desire to be immersed in nature.

Visitors coming in from the Las Vegas side would choose the West Rim for its close proximity to where they are. After all, it’s just a few hours drive from the desert down to the West of the canyon (122 miles on a 2 and a half hour drive). You’ll be able to see the magnificent Skywalk and have access to dozens of solid tourist attractions and tours. It’s one of the best ways to experience the Grand Canyon, especially if you’re planning a day trip!

Visitors who only have a day of leisure to soak in the magnificence of the Grand Canyon, take heart. The Grand Canyon West Rim is still the best option overall if you are pressed for time. A day trip to the West Rim returns to your hotel by 6:30 PM, while the tours taken to the South Rim will return you to your hotel around 10:30 PM.

Adrenaline lovers take note – the Skywalk is located along the West Rim. By itself, the Skywalk has some unique features that is simply a must-see for adventure fans.

Things to Do at Grand Canyon West Rim

Take a moment for a deep breath and in appreciating the all-encompassing West Rim view. You’ll see deep, impressive canyon walls getting narrow as they go further down the Colorado River. There are many unique canyon walls that can only be seen at the West Rim. Most of them are the views you’ll see when you get to the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

The West Rim is currently owned and operated by the native Hualapai Indians. Here, you’ll see the major points of pride as the Hualapai Indians unfurl their spectacular banners. Sure, the main experience is in seeing the Skywalk glass bridge, but there are so many other attractions and sights at the West Rim that a day won’t be enough to see them all!

Grand Canyon Skywalk

What’s a trip to the Grand Canyon West Rim without seeing its highlight, the Sywalk? The transparent glass bridge that’s suspended is absolutely thrilling. You can say that the Skywalk is the West Rim’s showpiece.

You are encouraged to look down below as you walk the glass bridge. The Skywalk takes visitors out into the open space, about 4000 feet above the West Rim. Our Grand Canyon Skywalk Guide is a must read if you are considering taking the once-in-a-lifetime chance to walk amongst the clouds, and experience the splendor at West rim. When you buy The Grand Canyon Skywalk Tour through Paradise Found Tours, your admission to the Skywalk is included within the price. Takeaway an unbeatable deal and an unforgettable experience at the same time! By having your ticket in advance there will be no waiting in long lines to get your Skywalk experience.

Aerial view of the Skywalk at Grand Canyon West
Aerial view of the Skywalk at Grand Canyon West

Grand Canyon Skywalk Tour

Our Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas give visitors a chance to enjoy the Grand Canyon Skywalk
Our Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas give visitors a chance to enjoy the Grand Canyon Skywalk

This Grand Canyon Skywalk tour is an all-inclusive tour and comes with admission to the Skywalk, free pick up and drop off at your Las Vegas resort-hotel. Also included are all taxes, fees, surcharges and a box lunch prepared by the Tribe (vegetarian available). Our tour is the only bus tour that takes you all the way to the rim. (Other companies drop you off 9 miles from the rim and waste your time waiting in line for a shuttle bus.)

Eagle Point

While the Skywalk is the highlight of the Grand Canyon West Rim, things wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Native American Village. See authentic Native American abodes, each with their own distinctive tribes. Enjoy a live performance down at the Ampitheater. Browse around for some original handmade Native American crafts and jewelries. Don’t forget to take a snapshot of the famous eagle-shaped formation representing the landmark!

View of the Grand Canyon West Rim at Eagle Point
View of the Grand Canyon West Rim at Eagle Point - Photo Flickr / Richard Martin

Guano Point

This is the second stop for the West Rim shuttle route. Many visitors have attested to Guano Point being the most beautiful site. In fact, many of them have found their money’s worth here! The 360-degree view literally turns heads around, especially when taken at the Highpoint Hike. Here, you can see the rushing Colorado River and the panoramic features of the Grand Canyon. See the historic trams found here, stretching through more than 8,000 feet from the Canyon to the mines. You can even enjoy a meal here with an uninterrupted view of the Canyon for miles around.

Strolling around Guano Point at the West Rim of The Grand Canyon
Strolling around Guano Point at the West Rim of The Grand Canyon - Photo Flickr / Veselina Dzhingarova

Hualapai Ranch

The free shuttle takes a final stop at the Hualapai Ranch, concluding the fantastic trip. Hualapai Ranch is home to the Western-themed wagon rides, entertainment and hospitality that you won’t soon forget. Learn how to tomahawk toss, quick draw and rope the cowboy way here at the Hualapai Cabins. Other options available on specialized tours or if you have driven yourself to the ranch are; You can choose to get the 30-minute or the 90-minute horseback ride tour to the rim or alongside it. Spend the night at the western-themed cabins facing the Canyon rim. Enjoy the night with S’mores and stories around the blazing, cheerful campfire.

Hualapai Ranch at Grand Canyon West Rim
Hualapai Ranch at Grand Canyon West Rim - Photo by Grand Canyon West

Havasu Canyon

Some companies offer adventurous tours that will take you to the hard to reach Havasu Falls. Get a taste of modern Eden by visiting the Havasu Canyon at the Grand Canyon West Rim. The area also houses the Havasupai Indians, and may only be reached by helicopter, horseback and foot. Havasu Canyon holds not one, but three fantastical waterfalls- the Havasu Falls, the Mooney Falls and the Navajo Falls. You can get guided hikes here, but the terrain and length are more for adults than children. Visitors and hikers may get to Havasu Canyon without going into Hualapai territory.

Havasu Falls Arizona photo
Havasu Falls Arizona - Photo Flickr / Rich @ r_kim

Whitewater River Rafting

Fancy a one-day whitewater rafting adventure? Then head on to the Grand Canyon West Rim for an exciting time! Check out the Hualapai tribe’s River Runners, facilitators of the 1-day rafting even in the Peach Springs town. The adventure is held daily starting from March to October. The package price includes the whitewater rafting and the return trip to Peach Springs. If you ever need help in booking for a trip to the rapids, then the Hualapai tourism site can help. The site also has some rafting or lodging packages you can avail of.

Boating down the Colorado River at the Grand Canyon
Boating down the Colorado River at the Grand Canyon - Photo Flickr / Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon West Rim Weather

Weather and temperatures can get to different heights, depending on the season. During the summer, you can expect it to run from the low 90’s to the high 100’s. During wintertime, you can expect it to run from the high 30’s to the high 40’s. The elevation is pretty much at 4,800 ft above the sea level. The West Rim is located in-between the deserts of Las Vegas and the Southern Rim plateau, so visitors get temperate weather the whole year.

The Grand Canyon West Rim develops some very hot temperatures during the summer. In July, the average temperature is around 105F; the area gets approximately 290 days of sun the whole year. In January, things get very different. The average temperature is around 37.5 with a definite possibility of snow.

Cloudy day at the Grand Canyon Skywalk
Cloudy day at the Grand Canyon Skywalk - Photo Flickr / Ariane Middel

Grand Canyon South Rim vs West Rim

What’s the difference between the South Rim and The West Rim? Take a moment and view our Grand Canyon South Rim Vs West Rim Guide.  Our guide easily compares all the fun things that are available to do at each rim of the Grand Canyon.  Whether it’s hiking or riding a mule, or walking on a glass walkway, 4000 feet above land, we have the information you need.

A helicopter flys into the chasm of the Grand Canyon West Rim.
A helicopter flys into the chasm of the Grand Canyon West Rim.

Try These Other Great Tours of the West Rim

Our Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas give visitors a chance to enjoy the canyon floor by helicopter
Our Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas give visitors a chance to enjoy the canyon floor by helicopter

If the taste of soaring in the sky isn’t enough, then you can go for a helicopter tour for an extended experience. Have a look at these popular tours:

Best Tme to Visit Grand Canyon West Rim

Many Visitors enjoy the village complex for a taste of pre-European settlement culture with access to authentic cultural experiences and live shows, courtesy of the Hualapai tribe living in the area. Take a hike and marvel at the natural beauty the West Rim has to offer.

The Grand Canyon West Rim is open to visitors the whole year round. The Canyon can accommodate those who wish to see the beauty on any major holiday! Perhaps the best time to see the Grand Canyon is from late fall to early spring. This is the time when the temperatures are their most optimal. As a last piece of advice, we recommend those who wish to visit during summer the following items; light clothing, sunglasses and a strong sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat and plenty of fluids for hydration! And of course be sure to refer to this Grand Canyon West Rim Guide when needed. Enjoy what the Grand Canyon West Rim has to offer!