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5 Ways The Grand Canyon Can Treat Depression

Do you ever feel the dreadful weight of the world growing heavier each passing day with no hope of the warm, comforting light at the end of the tunnel? Have you lost that sense of wonder as a child and have been looking for it ever since? Don’t give up just yet. Yes, life does stink sometimes, but did you know there is a life-changing experience out there that is easy to experience and it’s as simple as taking a trip to the Grand Canyon.

Can the Grand Canyon treat depression? How can one historic landmark instill a sense of wonder, broaden one’s perspective and provide comfort and relief to a world in motion? Just how does it touch one’s soul and provide a dose of what life really can be?

The Grand Canyon isn’t even the largest national park in the U.S. It’s not the deepest canyon in the world, nor does it have the most impressive scenery. There are other, more exquisite untouched places all over the world, and there are other hike trails and camp grounds. In terms of physical traits, the Grand Canyon shares the top with many other geographical wonders.

You see, in order to fully understand what the Grand Canyon offers, you must look beyond the sheer physical aspects of the canyon and allow the spiritual in. It is not just the eyes that appreciate the beauty of the Grand Canyon, but the soul as well. If you have come just to see the many-layered canyon faces and just wish to see the adjoining sights, you are in for a huge surprise! You will definitely get more than what you have bargained for!

The Grand Canyon Minimizes Your Problems


Be prepared to be hit with a sensory overload the first time you see the Grand Canyon. It really doesn’t matter which part or viewpoint of the canyon, it’s the canyon’s immensity that will leave you in awe. Try to scan the horizon up until the end, and you will see the rocks and the endless layers playing with your senses. The mind can not and will not comprehend what it is seeing. Try to imagine the gouges and the depth of the vale as if you were seeing it from high above. As you take in the view of the Colorado River weaving in-between canyons, lazily passing through the majestic cliffs your worries will diminish. It’s just impossible for your brain to hyper focus on your problems as you stare into the heavens.

The Grand Canyon Puts A Mind At Peace


You’ll be left speechless. A thousand thoughts fueled by adrenaline and curiosity will be racing through your mind. Everything else; your car, the people beside you, the minute distractions and your everyday worries seemingly disappear and take a back seat. There’s just you and the Grand Canyon. You, a single human being, like a speck of dust against the enormity of the Grand Canyon. The mind tries to understand the comparison between the self and the difference in size. Then suddenly, the mind opens up and finally comprehends and soothes and heals. Your mind becomes at peace.

The Grand Canyon Inspires


As human beings, we are literally just passing by on the great big stage of life. Our world, and the universe itself, is far, far bigger than we have ever imagined. We are so self-absorbed in our very own existence, vainly thinking that we are so special that the world must revolve around us. We are so caged in with our troubles, problems and difficulties, that we wallow in an endless existential crisis. Why are we always thinking that our life has no meaning or value? I dare you to stand at Mather Point at the Grand Canyon South Rim and not be easily convinced that there is an easy solution to escaping the mundane of our life. You don’t have to look far to discover the positive. As you breathe, trust and let go, you will return from the experience truly inspired to welcome new things into your life.

The Grand Canyon Leaves You Humble


The transcending of the soul then takes place from selfishness to selflessness. Your soul will finally “feel” the answer to life’s mystery. Yes, The Grand Canyon imparts a feeling of tranquility and peace. but do you have an idea of what life really is about? As your mind gains a deeper wisdom from the surroundings and a sense of calmness descends on you; it is the invisible threads that you weren’t able to see before that is now visible in plain sight. Though life is short and fleeting, it shouldn’t mean that you fight against it; in fact, you should celebrate the time left on earth and do what you can to leave a legacy. Millions of people have lived before us, and they have stood where you are standing now, watching the Grand Canyon get deeper and change little by little.

The Grand Canyon Leaves you With Gratitude


All of us have had that dream that we were flying, free from the constraints of gravity and the dreariness of living as a human being. Remember how real it felt during that time, as if you could feel the breeze blowing on your face? Can you remember the clouds passing right by you? Can you remember the exhilaration and the excitement? You can get that same kind of experience when standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon. That “weight” that you have been carrying for so long is cast off for the moment. The answer that has plagued you from every waking moment of your life up until you close your eyes will finally be revealed. It is time to live in the moment, and take each day as it is and not for granted!

Take the time to visit the Grand Canyon at least once in your life. It is like being reborn a second time, as if you were given a second lease in life. For many, releasing yourself from the constraints placed on you in life, can be euphoric and release you from your depression. That sense of wonder you’ve lost for so long can and will return with an immeasurable force that it may move you to tears. The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. Your Grand Canyon Experience may last only for a day, but the effects will stay with you and guide you for a lifetime.

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